Pop Goes Moschino

they want, rather it's to give them what they don't know what they want yet". This message definitely rings true in this collection. What woman desires a handbag replicated as a McDonald's Happy Meal or, better yet, craves a gossamer wedding gown embellished with food additive diagrams?

It will be interesting to see how well these editorial-worthy garments and accessories sell in retail. They may be exciting to see in a fashion spread, but could get lost in translation with customers on the sales floor. Only time will tell.

This week, Moschino presented one of the most exciting shows during Milan Fashion Week. Jeremy Scott, the brand's newly-appointed creative director, infused a plethora of pop cultural references into the brand's Fall 2014 women's collection. Normally you wouldn't expect to see McDonald's golden arches served up as a plush leather shoulder bag or Spongebob Squarepants' iconic image plastered across a head-to-toe ensemble. But, somehow these unexpected twist fell into place.

Jeremy Scott once tweeted "it's not my job to give people what

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