30 Must-Have Swimwear Options That'll Keep You Stylin' All Summer Long


Originally written by Corey Kelly for Askmen.com and published on June 2nd, 2016. Click here to read the original post.

By Corey Kelly

Fellas, get ready because beach season is just around the corner. At times, we understand that summer can be a real sun-of-a-beach – its tortuous heat waves and unbearable humidity are nothing to laugh at. But who are we fooling? We can’t deny those oh-so-sunny weekends reserved for lying by the pool or frolicking on the sand. That’s why we’re here to inform you about warm weather must-haves but also to make sure we’ve got you covered in the best swimwear for you.

To give you more insight into the world of men’s swimwear, we’ve enlisted Kyle King. His seven-year career designing men’s swim attire -- not to mention the recent success of his eponymous swimsuit line – make him our go-to expert. Whether your goal is to replace an outdated swimsuit or you’re curious about trying new a style, Kyle believes today’s choices are better than ever.

“There’s so many options to choose from, which is such a shift,” he says. “I still hear guys say they can’t find the right swimsuit. But that really stems from not having access to all of the options out there.There are plenty of options, but you’ll have to shop online.”

And he’s right: The internet is a shopper’s mecca. Not only is it teeming with affordable – and body-positive – swimwear brands like Chubbies, but it’s also home to higher-priced lines for those with luxurious tastes. “Higher-priced swimwear is usually more expensive because the fabrics are of a much finer quality. And more attention is paid to details, like fit and sewing quality. It’s very similar to buying a suit: If you want a top-notch suit that fits like a glove…you’re going to shop at a luxury suit retailer."

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